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For a small to medium business, packing and shipping can be tedious, take up space needed for operations or inventory, and pull you or your staff away from your core business. It is a smart strategy to utilize the many services at Pak Mail, where packing and shipping IS the core business, thereby allowing your team to concentrate on what you do best.

A large business may well have a shipping department that handles routine mailings and packages, and manages the daily shipping of its products. But almost every business encounters an occasional shipping requirement that is outside the area of expertise for their in-house department. Rather than wasting time researching shipping options and packing methods, rather than investing in packing materials and equipment that may only be used once, and rather than risking possible damage by using insufficient or inappropriate techniques, simply contact PakMail. Our professional training, our extensive experience, and our network of resources and options will combine to solve your problem.

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How might we help you?

Need to ship electronics?

We have packed and shipped computers of all sizes, weights and values. Carriers have very specific packaging requirements for electronics, and they will not hesitate to deny any and all damage claims if the packaging does not meet their standards.

There are a few things we suggest our customers do before shipping a PC or laptop:

  • Backup data on a removable drive or disk.
  • Remove ink cartridges and toner to prevent accidental spillage. Place them in a separate zip lock bag to include in the shipment.
  • Record make, model and serial number of the equipment.
  • If the computer has a key, remove it, place it in a plastic bag, and tape it to the CPU.
  • Make sure power supplies and cables are present and accounted for.

Need to return leased or “on approval” equipment but no longer have the original box?

Pak Mail may be able to supply the right box from our large inventory, but if not, we can make the kind and size of box you need.

Do you need to ship an item that is heavy or delicate?

Or have you sold a piece of equipment online and need to help the buyer arrange packaging or transportation?

The range of items we have shipped in the last quarter century is too long to list here, but some examples would be:

  • a cafeteria steam table
  • a dental chair and dental lights
  • a large (clean) section of sewer pipe
  • chairs and sinks from a hair salon
  • three 500 lb. x-ray machines
  • sample bleachers
  • 6 foot diameter first surface mirror
  • tires for an excavator and tires for a semi
  • volleyball officials’ chairs

Do you need to do a special mailing?

Pak Mail can also handle your special mailings. Are you sending out 250 mugs to celebrate your business’s anniversary? Do your best clients receive a special holiday treat? Do you need to ship a multitude of awards, trophies and certificates? Do not bog down your staff and turn your conference room into a shipping department. Let Pak Mail handle it for you. We have the right materials, the right space to process all those pieces efficiently, and the knowledge to select the packing method and carriers that will get your items where they need to go without breaking your budget.


Need to ship with a different carrier than usual?

You may already have an account with a major carrier. However when your client insists on an alternate carrier, or you find your usual choice does not offer the guaranteed arrival time you need or does not even serve your destination, contact us. Pak Mail is an authorized shipper for DHL, FedEx, SpeeDee Delivery, UPS, and USPS. We work with multiple freight carriers. Bring that problematic shipment to us. If it can be done, we will do all we can to get it to the right place by the right time.

Moving or remodeling?

Need to have special items packed for storage during that process? Pak Mail has assisted such moves by packing displays, awards, and signs. We helped pack large pieces of Grant Wood’s art when Washington High School was renovating, and we created a crate to store the chandelier from the Czech and Slovak Museum while the building was moved.

Special Correspondence/Work From Home

Need a way to receive special correspondence like contest entries, submissions for blind surveys or tests, or applications?

Are you working from home but do not want business correspondence received at your home address? Consider renting a PMB (Private MailBox). Click to learn more.

Need to dispose of old files and outdated handouts? Click to learn more about our shredding service.

Chris and Lee are wonderful. Their customer service is truly above and beyond. I live in the Midwest- several states from Iowa. I purchased chairs over the phone at a store in Iowa. Lee went to the store, picked up the chairs from the store, packaged them and they arrived perfectly to my home. The chairs were professionally packed and in perfect condition. I HIGHLY recommend this mailing location. Wonderful people who truly want to do the right thing and help their customers.

~ Amber Nisley

Mike and I have shipped many items through Pak Mail. Chris and Lee are great to work with. Good honest folks who run a great business. Pak Mail also offers other services that I wasn’t aware of like mail boxes for business and traveling folks that they will monitor for you. If you’re not using Pak Mail you are definitely missing out!

~ Jennifer Gillingham

Always friendly and able to take care of anything, plus they take DHL packages which is better than having to go near the airport.

~ Grayson Burgess

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by a visit to my local Pak Mail. I don’t frequent this business but more than every month or so. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by name and promptly and courteously taken care of. She even remembered what I did and asked about my business. Too often we get so caught up in our own state of chaos that we don’t pay attention to others. I just wanted to let everyone know that when it comes to your shipping needs, go to Pak Mail here in Cedar Rapids and you too can experience good old fashioned customer service. Thanks!

~ Debra Callahan

Excellent customer service 7 stars. Staff are really knowledgeable, patient, and very nice. I will do business again, and will recommend it to people I know.

~ Khalid Elhassan

Chris, Lee and staff were great to work with! They were professional and friendly. Every step of the way they exceeded my expectations and also had a competitive price point. We used their services for business purposes. We are happy to give them 5 stars for their great work.

~ P.D. Moore

I had a wonderful experience working with Pak Mail in Iowa. I have many items shipped from all over estate sales and I so happy with the time that Chris and her staff took with me. I had several large and small items, from fragile to quilts. All were packed and delivered in excellent condition. What people do not understand is that when we get a great deal at a sale and have to have the items shipped, you have to understand that the shipping and mailing service is not free. So keep this in mine when shopping on line and you get a bargain for $6.50, and the shipping cost is $25.00. Again, I will defiantly use Pak Mail in the future. Prices are fair and remember that they will treat your items like they were theirs.

~ Lisa Reynolds

Lee and the ENTIRE staff at the Cedar Rapids Pak Mail were incredible to work with from start to finish. I recently had an oversized/bulky/not-your-everyday type of item (gym equipment) shipped via freight. Unfortunately, my item was in Iowa and I was in Georgia so the best I could do was legwork via the telephone. I was very fortunate, being referred to Lee/the Cedar Rapids Pak Mail by the seller in Des Moines. In addition to great communication and competitive rates, Lee handled all aspects of the shipping process with absolute precision. Absolutely recommended.

~ M. Hans

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