DHL Authorized Shipping Center

DHL is perhaps the most well-known global air shipper. Headquartered in Germany, DHL offers service to almost every country in the world. Eastern Iowa Pak Mail is not DHL itself, but we have always been a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, one of the few in Iowa. Most of our DHL shipments are small packages, but they do offer air freight.

You may track your DHL shipments on this page. If you ever have questions or concerns about a shipment we have sent through DHL, please call the store, and let us assist you.

international shipping from Iowa

DHL Tracking

Enter up to 25 DHL tracking numbers (1 per line), and click DHL Track.

Always friendly and able to take care of anything, plus they take DHL packages which is better than having to go near the airport.

~ Grayson Burgess

Amazingly meticulous and kindhearted folks who ensure the upmost quality of anything and everything you are shipping through them.

~ Morfar Madly

Thank you so much; everything has arrived safe and sound. You did a super job with the packing! And your follow-up service with the delivery was much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

~ Cindy G.

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