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Eastern Iowa Pak Mail is a USPS Approved Shipper. Though we are not an official postal sub-station, we offer most retail postal services including domestic and international Express, Priority and First Class mailing, Ground Postal and Media Mail. Please note, however, that while we try to have a supply of Priority envelopes and packs, we do not stock USPS boxes and do not have access to USPS flat rate options. We have two weekday pick-ups – one around noon, and one after 4:00 in the afternoon.

You may track your USPS shipments on this page. If you ever have a question or concern regarding a USPS package that we have shipped for you, please contact the store so we may assist you.

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I am so thankful for PakMail. All of my family lives out of town so I mail many things throughout the year. PakMail has my information on file and they make mailing my wide assortment of gifts so easy. I love doing business with a friendly and trustworthy company.

~ Diane Beach

Chris and Pak Mail of Eastern Iowa are the team for any shipping or delivery needs. They listen to their customer’s preferences and ensure quality mailing for every customer.

~ Elizabeth Boenish

Thank you for your very complete information regarding your services, certainly more than what I received from your competitors. I will user your service, please put me on the list of your pickup customers…

~ Kevin

Auction Buyer in Texas

Hi, I am the person from Phoenix, AZ. that you sent the 4 bags of Sterzing’s Potato Chips . I just wanted to let you know that they arrived in my mail delivery. You did a great job in packing them…. They were not crushed or crumbs, but whole chips just like I would buy at the stores. Now you can advertise the fact of shipping bags of chips uncrushed. Thank you.

~ Jaunita L.

Chris and Lee are great to work with, they always have a smile when I walk in the door and help with all of my mailing needs.

~ Chris Price

Chris and Lee are true professional’s. They cover the whole process if needed, or just mailing it. I’ve used them several times and will continue to use their service.

~ Jim Sorenson

Mike and I have shipped many items through Pak Mail. Chris and Lee are great to work with. Good honest folks who run a great business. Pak Mail also offers other services that I wasn’t aware of like mail boxes for business and traveling folks that they will monitor for you. If you’re not using Pak Mail you are definitely missing out!

~ Jennifer Gillingham

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