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Can you ship a ________________?
Yes, with the exception of hazardous materials, such as perfume, aerosol cans, fireworks, alcohol (except wine - see information on wine shipping), tobacco, or other items prohibited by law.  As our Gallery shows, we have shipped everything from crayons, to china, to furniture, to a multi-armed, three and a half foot diameter, blown glass chandelier, to artwork valued at more than twenty million dollars. 

Do you offer coverage for loss or damage?
Yes.  Our declared value program covers both loss and damage, up to $50,000!  If we package and ship your items, each shipment (a shipment is defined by a separate tracking or order number) is covered for up to $100 verifiable value, at no cost to you, NO MATTER WHICH CARRIER WE USE!  Additional declared value coverage is available for a nominal fee, which may vary slightly, depending on the carrier. 

Your Declared Value Coverage is comforting, but it would really disappoint me if my great-grandmother's lamp were damaged. 
Please believe us when we say it would disappoint us, as well!  Many carriers will deny a claim if they feel the item is not packaged well enough to withstand the stresses of their transportation system.  If we pack your items and they are damaged, there is never a question as to whether a claim will be paid or not.  On the other hand, as our claims ratio shows, we try very hard to avoid claims.  We realize sentimental value is impossible to cover, so we want you to be assured that we will pack your items as if they were our own.  As a result of this policy, our claims ratio is one of the best in the entire Pak Mail system, well under 1%. 

Will you pick up my items, or do I have to bring them to your store?
We can arrange pick up for each and every item you send; however, it is often more cost effective for you to bring the smaller items to our store.  There is no charge for pick up of large items in the Cedar Rapids metro area, or for pick up of other shipments from shut-ins, who cannot make it to the store.  By the way, if you live some distance from Cedar Rapids, we can  arrange to meet you and transfer your items from your vehicle to ours. 

I'm a pretty good packer.  Will you still ship a box I have packed?
Naturally.  In order to be assured of coverage for damage, though, a box must be packed to industry standards.  If it is packed to our, tougher, Pak Mail standards, we may even be able to cover it under our declared value program!  So, if you are unsure of your materials or techniques, let Pak Mail advise you.  Or simply handle it for you.  If you are a die hard do-it-yourselfer, Contact Us, we have a whole sheet of tips and suggestions for you.

I have to ship lots of products each day.  Can you help me with fulfillment? 
Absolutely!  We are eager to do this work for you, affordably.  So you can concentrate on your core business. 

I like to sell my “treasures” on internet auction sites.  Can you provide me with an estimate for packaging and shipping the items I sell? 
Yes.  In fact, you can Get a Free Quote, right from here!  We even give e-Bay sellers a discount; just make sure you bring your Pay Pal receipt or other proof that this was an internet sale. 

I'm moving.  How many boxes will I need to pack up my house?
We can provide you with a box selection guide to ensure a quick and easy move.  We also have tape, labels, foam wrap, bubble wrap, and tape guns!  If it's an out of town move, we can package, crate, and ship everything for you, so it will arrive safely on the day you're ready for it. 

My mail is delivered to my home. Why would I ever want to rent a private mailbox?
Convenience!  Privacy!  Security!  If you run a small business out of your home, this is a must!  Unlike Post Office Boxes, we provide you with a physical address.  We offer 24-hour access.  We will accept packages, overnight letters, insured and certified mail, even pallets and truck freight!  If you travel from time to time or are staying at your summer home, we will forward the stuff you want to wherever you are!  Even if you are camping or RVing!  See our Mailboxes page for details.

I'm selling my extensive collection of high quality items.  How can a private mailbox help me?
A private mail box is the best way to ensure privacy.  If you receive checks or important documents by mail, or if you sell items of high perceived value, especially over the internet, our private mailboxes provide a firewall, protecting your home address and your collection.  Anyone looking for you must first talk with us.  Your in town address remains safe and secure. 

I work out of my home.  How can Pak Mail be my office?
We offer everything you need.  We have fax service, a black and white copier, black and white and color printers, and mailing and shipping services.  We will even process your mailings for you!  We work at your convenience, not ours. 

Do you really package anything?
Of course!  We stock over 50 box sizes and we have access to many more.  Need a LOT of boxes of one specific size?  We'll find it!  Probably at a discount!  Have an unusual item?  We'll MAKE a box for it!  Is it really really fragile, incredibly heavy, or astoundingly large?  Our crates are legendary! 

I already have a shipping account with _________. Why do I need Pak Mail
If you already have a UPS or FedEx account, that's great, but are you certain you are getting the best rate with each package or that your carrier is the best choice for each location?  As your strategic business partner, Cedar Rapids Pak Mail provides competitive and comparative pricing among major and regional carriers.  We are not owned or operated by any of the carriers, so we have no ax to grind and no cart to push. 

Even if you do choose to use your company's account, sooner or later, everybody comes up against a problem they can't or don't want to deal with.  When you have one of these, call us!  We're the packaging and shipping experts!  If we haven't already done it (unlikely, since we've been around since 1993), we have a network of nearly 400 stores, and that's just in the U.S., that we can call on.  One of them has probably done just exactly what you're looking for.