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Recycling at Pak Mail

Ode to Packing Peanuts

They're in the garage
Where our things need to go!
They fill up my trash cans
Which costs extra dough$$$

And out in the storeroom
They spill on the floor;
They multiply monthly
To volumes galore!

So I must admit, there's
No "ifs," "ands" or buts" ---
Those darn packing peanuts
Are driving me NUTS!!

Well, at Pak Mail we are pleased to say - "Nut to us!"

Loosefill Recycling Eastern IowaCedar Rapids Pak Mail is a collection center fro the Plastic Loosefill Council. We make an effort to be "green," using what recycled materials are appropriate for a professional packing job. Please take a moment to read our guidelines for what we can and cannot recycle.

We DO recycle:

  • Styrofoam peanuts that are clean and separated from other materials.
  • Commercial clients, call to schedule large volume pick-up.
  • Biodegradable "peanuts" that are clean and separated from other materials. Please do not mix them with Styrofoam peanuts. They have different uses.
  • Bubble Wrap pieces that are a minumum of 12" x 12", un-popped, clean, with no tape and separated from other materials.
  • Plastic air pillows that are full, cleaned and separated from other materials.
  • Sheets of white, firm Styrofoam 1 inch thick, minimum 2 square feet.

We CANNOT recycle and DO NOT accept the following:

  • Cardboard/corrugated
  • Paper, including shredded paper and paper batting
  • Styrofoam that is molded (end caps, etc.), dirty, or painted
  • Styrofoam coolers

Go to for recycling options for these and other items.

Businesses or individuals with large quantities of "peanuts" may contact the store to schedule a one time pick up or to be placed on our bimonthly pick up schedule.

To avoid littering, please do not leave peanuts and other recycling when our store is closed.

Thank your for recycling.