References & Testimonials

Everyone is friendly and helpful. They reuse and recycle packing material when they ship items. Very conscientious of the environment and resources. Highly recommend this company!

~ Teresa C.

I had the most wonderful experience today with Pak Mail they were shipping an item to me that was so much more expensive than I ever dreamed and we worked that out to be able to be picked up by a dear friend.

I am so grateful for people like this that are willing to go above and beyond to help out in the situation!

~ Linda B.


Everything has arrived perfectly. Once again, you did an outstanding job. Thank you very much. We managed to get all our treasures unpacked and put away. We thank you again for the very impressive job you did for us. Well, well done.

~ The Millers

Boston, MA

AAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++ Made me feel at ease that allowing them to pack my picture for shipping was the right choice. Will absolutely use them again the next time I need something packed by professionals.

~ Corey Ferguson

Thank you so much for working with us and getting everything shipped to each location in a timely manner. My shipment came Monday – expertly packed. I appreciate the obvious care of each item as it was packed.

~ Jean C.

Very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant people.

~ Keely McAfee

Wanted to let you know that the large box with the two rockers, footstool and watercolor painting arrive safely some time ago. Because we were remodeling, the box sat to one side of the entry until time allowed it unpacking. I didn’t want things to mildew so I finally checked the contents.

What a substantial packing job! It took scissors and a lot of tugging at bubble wrap around the rocker frame. Though Pak Mail is expensive, you do a great job. The freight company was also courteous. They called ahead to coordinate time when someone could be here. Excellent service!

~ Robyn W.

Amazingly meticulous and kindhearted folks who ensure the upmost quality of anything and everything you are shipping through them.

~ Morfar Madly

Mike and I have shipped many items through Pak Mail. Chris and Lee are great to work with. Good honest folks who run a great business. Pak Mail also offers other services that I wasn’t aware of like mail boxes for business and traveling folks that they will monitor for you. If you’re not using Pak Mail you are definitely missing out!

~ Jennifer Gillingham

I cannot rave about Pak Mail and Chris enough! I called her with a request I wasn’t sure if anyone could fill–to go to my son’s dorm room at Cornell, pack up its contents and ship it to me. She gave me an enthusiastic yes and a very fair price, saving me from an 8 hour car ride and hotel stay to retrieve the stuff myself. She couldn’t have been any nicer about the whole process!

~ Debbie Feit

When I came to Cedar Rapids I was very new to the area and my living situation was temporary and I needed a permanent address. That is when I found Pak Mail to handle my mailbox needs. Chris and Lee are far and away the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. Even though they have many people they do business with, they always remembered my name and were quick to answer questions and provide solutions. On numerous occasions they went above and beyond. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose this business hands down.

~ L. N.

This company is fantastic!! Professional, true to their word, super friendly and helpful, I can’t say enough great things about them. If you need anything packaged, large or small, you will be in excellent hands with them. They have earned a loyal, very happy, new customer in me!!!

~ Rebecca Rose

We received a call Friday from the carrier, but (they) could not deliver until Monday. We decided to pick up the packages at their dock. All the items came in the best condition.

Nothing was broke or damaged. You folk did an excellent job wrapping and packing. The guy at the (freight company) who helped us load our pickup couldn’t believe the job you folks did boxing, shrink wrapping and palletizing the freight. I want to thank you for an excellent job, and your professional attention to detail. A very rare commodity these days!!!

~ Pam S.

I would like to confirm that the (primitive African) items arrived safely this morning. The boxes and packing of the items were first-rate and we were very pleased with the fine condition arrived in. I really appreciate your valued assistance and the professional service you provided. Please be assured that we would not hesitate to use your services in the future.

~ Chrystal

Galerie Yann Ferrandin, Paris, France

Thank you so much; everything has arrived safe and sound. You did a super job with the packing! And your follow-up service with the delivery was much appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

~ Cindy G

Galerie Yann Ferrandin, Paris, France

When I came to Cedar Rapids I was very new to the area and my living situation was temporary and I needed a permanent address. That is when I found Pak Mail to handle my mailbox needs. Chris and Lee are far and away the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. Even though they have many people they do business with, they always remembered my name and were quick to answer questions and provide solutions. On numerous occasions they went above and beyond. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose this business hands down.

~ L.N.

Galerie Yann Ferrandin, Paris, France

I have used this particular Pakmail in Cedar Rapids for virtual mail services during the last year and a half while I was out of the country. I have not had one issue – the service has been consistently outstanding and quickly responsive when I’ve had a question. They get 5 stars from me and they are well earned. Thank you!

~ Julie H.

I'd give Pak Mail of Cedar Rapids six stars if I could. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were extraordinarily helpful is shipping 41 fine pieces of art in a short time window. They were helpful every step of the way. When push came to shove and the client wanted them as fast as possible, Mark drove two hours to Charles City to carefully load them in his van, drove them back and within days they were on their way to the new owners in California. That's service! Do not hesitate to use them, whatever your packaging and shipping needs.
~ Rick S.

I have used PakMail twice. Once to ship an antique to the UK, and another time to ship a computer to Greece. Everything arrived in perfect condition, despite airplane baggage handling and transfer of flights at Chicago. PakMail are fantastic! Thanks, Guys!
~ Victoria

Thank you for your very complete information regarding your services, certainly more than what I received from your competitors. I will user your service, please put me on the list of your pickup customers…

~ Kevin

Auction Buyer from Texas

I bought some phones from an Auction and need someone to pick them up, pack and ship them. I contacted PakMail and they did it for me at a very reasonable price and expeditiously. I had a fantastic stress-free experience. I will be using them in the future. Lee is awesome.

~ Mohamed Bah

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by a visit to my local Pak Mail. I don’t frequent this business but more than every month or so. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by name and promptly and courteously taken care of. She even remembered what I did and asked about my business. Too often we get so caught up in our own state of chaos that we don’t pay attention to others. I just wanted to let everyone know that when it comes to your shipping needs, go to Pak Mail here in Cedar Rapids and you too can experience good old fashioned customer service. Thanks!

~ Debra Callahan

Thanks so much for the wonderful care you took with the Mom’s household goods and table you sent out here.

~ Wilma D.

Chris and Lee are true professional’s. They cover the whole process if needed, or just mailing it. I’ve used them several times and will continue to use their service.

~ Jim Sorenson

Thanks for the exciting news that my boxes have shipped. I am so eager to get them – it will be like Christmas all over again. I stopped by my sister’s this week and she showed me the packing process you used. Mighty impressive! (I now understand that I won’t ever need those coverage figures.) You can know you’ve got a very high recommendation from me and the rest of my family.

~ Annie K.

I am so thankful for PakMail. All of my family lives out of town so I mail many things throughout the year. PakMail has my information on file and they make mailing my wide assortment of gifts so easy. I love doing business with a friendly and trustworthy company.

~ Diane Beach, Cedar Rapids, IA

Always friendly and able to take care of anything, plus they take DHL packages which is better than having to go near the airport.

~ Grayson Burgess

Chris and Lee are wonderful. Their customer service is truly above and beyond.

I live in the Midwest- several states from Iowa.

I purchased chairs over the phone at a store in Iowa.

Lee went to the store, picked up the chairs from the store, packaged them and they arrived perfectly to my home.

The chairs were professionally packed and in perfect condition.

I HIGHLY recommend this mailing location. Wonderful people who truly want to do the right thing and help their customers.

~ Amber Nisley

I needed to send a highboy dresser to California and used Pak Mail to get it there. They did an exceptional job and I would highly recommend there services. A+++++

~ Valley View

Chris, Lee and Tracy were great to work with! They were professional and friendly. Every step of the way they exceeded my expectations and also had a competitive price point. We used their services for business purposes. We are happy to give them 5 stars for their great work.

~ P.D. Moore

Chris and Lee are great to work with, they always have a smile when I walk in the door and help with all of my mailing needs.

~ Chris Price

Quick drop off with pleasant knowledgeable service.

~ Brad Neilly

Chris and Pak Mail of Eastern Iowa are the team for any shipping or delivery needs. They listen to their customer’s preferences and ensure quality mailing for every customer.

~ Elizabeth Boenish

Lee, I would like to thank you for all that you did at Pak Mail to make sure my package of 6 dozen homemade enchiladas made it to Texas during a snowstorm, at Christmastime. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate all your efforts; they did not go unnoticed.

~ Alma R.

Excellent choice choosing Pakmail to pack my dishes.  A very good job getting them packed for my daughter-in-law to transport to MN. Thank you for a job well done.

~ Kay H.

Lee and his team did a superb job in packing, shipping, and following up on shipping a mid-century modern coffee table. It was packed with care with multiple layers and types of packing material to eliminate the risk of crush, bump, drop, and puncture damage. Likewise, he followed up with me to keep me abreast of this cross country shipment and called the recipient after its arrival to ensure all was well. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Lee!
~ Don P.

These guys are awesome! So cooperative!

~ Raj Phalke

These folks are amazing. Very helpful, great service and a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

~ Bailey Dorrington

I had a wonderful experience working with Pak Mail in Iowa. I have many items shipped from all over estate sales and I so happy with the time that Chris and her staff took with me. I had several large and small items, from fragile to quilts. All were packed and delivered in excellent condition.
What people do not understand is that when we get a great deal at a sale and have to have the items shipped, you have to understand that the shipping and mailing service is not free. So keep this in mine when shopping on line and you get a bargain for $6.50, and the shipping cost is $25.00.

Again, I will defiantly use Pak Mail in the future. Prices are fair and remember that they will treat your items like they were theirs.

~ Lisa Reynolds

We wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our “treasures.” The boxes arrived on time and the items were carefully packed. We appreciate your help.

~ John & Judy C.

Thank you very much for your exceptional help in shipping the grandfather clock from Iowa to Florida. Our clock arrived in outstanding condition as it had been packed with great care before being shipped. My husband and I are extremely pleased with the “above and beyond” care given to our cherished family treasure. We most definitely will be recommending Pak Mail to anyone that is shipping items from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Thank you so much, Lee It has been a pleasure to work with you.

~ Ione & Chuck Good

Holy 5-Star Service! Raving fan after my experience with Pak Mail. I am not a resident of Cedar Rapids and left some valuable belongings at a local Ice Arena by accident. Lee at Pak picked up my items, packaged them thoughtfully and did it all for an incredibly fair rate. These guys are the definition of Iowa Nice! Thank you Pak Shipping!

~ Joel Fortney

Just wanted to tell you that the furniture and boxes were delivered, and the delivery men were very nice and careful with the furniture. They arrived in the specified time, and all is well. Pak Mail did a good job with the packing! We really appreciate your help with all of this. Thank you so much.

~ Kay A.

Lee and the ENTIRE staff at the Cedar Rapids Pak Mail were incredible to work with from start to finish. I recently had an oversized/bulky/not-your-everyday type of item (gym equipment) shipped via freight. Unfortunately, my item was in Iowa and I was in Georgia so the best I could do was legwork via the telephone. I was very fortunate, being referred to Lee/the Cedar Rapids Pak Mail by the seller in Des Moines. In addition to great communication and competitive rates, Lee handled all aspects of the shipping process with absolute precision. Absolutely recommended.

~ M. Hans

I had a awkward sized piece of art that needed to be shipped same day. After trying 3 stores that couldn’t get close to accommodating the size I found pakmail. Over a very short lunch hour they were able to maneuver a box to fit and get me out the door in a timely fashion. Not to mention some of the kindest people to work with! I know where I will be going from now on!!
~ Monica Recker

Needed notary services in a short amount of time. These folks provided Johnny-on-the-spot help. Thanks!

~ Mike Wiethorn

Excellent customer service 7 stars. Staff are really knowledgeable, patient, and very nice. I will do business again, and will recommend it to people I know.

~ Khalid Elhassan

Very helpful people. Will help you make the best choice with providers and package sizes…

~ Rowena Morehead

Hi, I am the person from Phoenix, AZ. that you sent the 4 bags of Sterzing's  Potato Chips . I just wanted to let you know that they arrived in my mail delivery. You did a great job in packing them.... They were not crushed or crumbs, but whole chips just like I would buy at the stores.  Now you can advertise the fact of shipping bags of chips uncrushed. Thank you.

~ Jaunita L.

Chris and Lee are awesome! They are our go to when we need to have anything delivered or shipped for our clients. We’ve been working with them for years and they are always very professional, considerate, resourceful, and attentive.

~ Becky Wolfe Esker

Wanted to let you know the china arrived safely before Thanksgiving. Easy pick up from FedEx Office near me. Thank you for your care and attention. I used the dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. So very special!

~ Linda M.

Galerie Yann Ferrandin, Paris, France

In 2009 Pak Mail was honored to be selected to pack the 180 individual 12″ x 12 ” portraits painted by Rose Frantzen. in preparation for their shipment to Washington, D.C. Grouped by the artist, the work is entitled “The Portrait of Maquoketa.” The portraits were part of a special year-long exhibit at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. This is a note from Rose and her husband Chuck Morris in response to our note of congratulations to them at the opening of the exhibit.

All the paintings arrived safe and sound and look great in (the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery) in D.C. The events (for the opening of the exhibit) were wonderful with dozens of Maquoketans in attendance. Thanks again for your fine work!

Rose Frantzen

Artist of the 180 piece "Portrait of Maquoketa"

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