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At Cedar Rapids Pak Mail, "you've got choices!" We offer a variety of shipping options and can help you select the most appropriate shipping method(s) for your items.

Track your shipmentPARCEL SHIPPING
We are authorized shipping locations for FedEx, UPS, DHL, SpeeDee Delivery and the US Postal Service. We will carefully select the right carrier for your shipment.

If you need to ship an antique hutch or a even small apartment we can do it. We specialize in small shipments of 2000 lbs and less. Get a Free Quote

This service is usually employed for sensitive items, items of high value, and orders with many large pieces. We prepare items for the carrier, wrapping, boxing or bracing items as necessary. Then we supervise as the driver wraps the unboxed items in moving pads and loads the truck. The items are then transported to their destination where the driver unloads them and places them where the consignee wants them. Of course, the shipment can be fully covered by our Declared Value program.

Blanket Wrap Service:

  • is easiest for the recipient.
  • is door to door with inside pick-up and delivery.
  • requires less packaging
  • usually has fewer transfers and has more gentle transport
  • bases rates on dimensions
  • has delivery times set by carriers. Times can vary from as short as one day to as long as 8 weeks.

FREIGHT (LTL Carriers)
Sometimes boxing, crating and/or palletizing an order is the most cost effective way to ship furniture, equipment and other large or multi piece orders. From one side of the country to the other, or from city to city we can handle large shipments with ease. Through our established network we will get it done for the right price in a timely manner.

LTL Freight Service:

  • offered through a network of freight carriers that specialize in LTL service.
  • goes to commercial and residential destinations.
  • requires packaging and palletizing.
  • rates based on weights and commodity; usually most economical.
  • delivery usually within a week in the continental U.S.

When you need to get it there in a hurry, even overnight, we can provide transportation for large and small shipments.  We offer a  variety of choices for overnight letters and parcels.  We also offer air freight.

Air Freight Service:

  • is typically the fastest of all services, but may not be available to all locations. Let us compare for you because some of our ground services may be scheduled for next day with a cost savings for you.
  • requires packaging.
  • rates determined by dimensions.
  • is best for shipments that are
    • time critical
    • especially valuable like art work     
    • especially fragile like sculpture, glass, and electronics.

We have a wide variety of options for your international shipments, and we can help you handle commercial invoices, customs forms and SED’s. Whether you need it there in one day or five weeks, we can make it happen.

Pianos, organs, cars, motorcycles, boats, large machinery, flat beds, refrigerated loads, full truck or container --- we have a network of shippers available to us who specialize in extremely large and hard to move items. We don’t shy away from challenging jobs, we look forward to them.

We provide our customers with multiple options for protecting the value of their shipments. Whether it's $50, $5000, or $50,000 - we've got you covered!

For more information on any of these shipping options, prepare a list of your items, with sizes and weights, determine the destination city and ZIPCode® or postal code and Contact Us.