Wine Shipping


Some, but not all, liquids can be shipped. For those that can be, proper packaging is critical. Bottles can break; caps can come loose. Leaks can mean not only ruined contents, but a wet box which carriers will discard.

PakMail has packed and shipped honey, homemade chicken noodle soup, water samples, lotions, salad dressing, and even a gallon of milk. We use special cushioning, dividers, polybags, and liners to guard against breakage. We discourage shipping liquids in winter, as freezing may cause breakage.


Pak Mail can ship wine from Eastern Iowa to 47 states and the District of Columbia. However, some restrictions apply.

  • Excludes NH, ND and UT
  • Excludes any counties or municipalities in other states where prohibited.
  • Delivery requires a signature from an adult over the age of 21. Only 3 delivery attempts will be made and then the wine will be returned at the sender’s expense. Thus, to assure delivery:
    • We recommend sending to a business address if possible.
    • We also recommend providing the recipient’s email address so the carrier can notify them of the planned delivery time.
  • This program is available for bottled wine only. We cannot ship beer or other kinds of liquor.
  • We stock shipping materials designed for wine bottles. It is best to send wine separately.
  • Shipping with other items may delay delivery of everything. If it is included with other presents it MUST be pack to certain specifications in order for us to accept it.
  • To assure the wine maintains its quality, it should not spend a long time in extreme temperatures – hot or cold. We monitor weather conditions, and will consult with you on the best shipping options.

Carbonated Liquids

 We cannot ship most carbonated products.

Chris and Pak Mail of Eastern Iowa are the team for any shipping or delivery needs. They listen to their customer’s preferences and ensure quality mailing for every customer.

~ Elizabeth Boenish

Very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant people.

~ Keely McAfee

Chris and Lee are great to work with, they always have a smile when I walk in the door and help with all of my mailing needs.

~ Chris Price

Thanks so much for the wonderful care you took with the Mom’s household goods and table you sent out here.

~ Wilma D.

Chris and Lee are true professional’s. They cover the whole process if needed, or just mailing it. I’ve used them several times and will continue to use their service.

~ Jim Sorenson

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